Sunday, 21 September 2014

Giv Slip

I have been thinking a long time about writing again, i know i always said i will be back soon, but never showed up. Here i am, this time for sure! I am missing taking pictures and writing more than anything. There have been a lot of life changes lately and i feel like sharing with people, because i know that some actually care. I will also share recipes, lifestyle things, travel pictures and experiences.

Here is a little insight of the main things that have been happening/bothering me:
  • moved back from Berlin to my beautiful hometown Kiel 
  • sharing a room with my 16 years old brother
  • flat hunting is exhausting
  • money is shit
  • hopeless crushes
  • fake friends
  • looking for a job not that easy
  • started to be vegetarian (vegan from october on) - you will read about this soon
Of course i am glad to be back home, i got a beautiful friends here and i am excited for the next three years of school. I love my class, my teachers, the atmosphere and i actually enjoy studying. I never expected me saying that i missed school, but i did for some reason. As much as i love my mother and brother it is annoying to live with them. Once you have been out of your nest, you don't want to fly back. I don't have a room for myself, but i need some privacy. I can not wait to find a flat, sign a contract and move in. Not just all the ideas for decorating my flat, but also coming home and having nothing but myself makes me happy. Hopefully i will have moved out by November or mid October!

These aren't all bad things or sad things, it is just what has been on my mind and writing it down makes me feel less worried. There are also so many things to be happy about, i will talk about that tomorrow. IT'S FALL/AUTUMN! I am also working on a new layout, let's say i am actually back to what i am good at. Oh and about the title, it basically means "let go" - it's a song from one of my favorite artists of all time:

this is how i actually feel: my mind is full of things, too many things actually

Never give up, everything will work out.

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