Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Hello, again.

Cheers, fellows.

So, i'm blogging, again. Mainly because i miss writing so much and it has been always like therapy for me. I think a lot and feel like getting back on my creative side and expressing myself with words that can't be spoken or i don't really know how to tell people about it. First of all i'd like to introduce myself to the people who haven't followed my old blog. My name is Lisa, i'm 21 years old and i live in germany. I'm a very creative, fun, open minded and spontaneous person, so you'll never know what will come next. I decided to use the url: mslisahuebner, because that's how you can find me on all the social networks (except tumblr).

A little how i use social network:

YouTube: Videos/Vlogs
Instagram: Posting pictures (that's what you do there, right?!)
Twitter: I don't even know why i'm still on twitter, part of me wants to delete it, but i guess i'm still there for all my celebrities, haha. That sounds like they belong to me, but they kind of do.
Tumblr: Just for entertaining and wasting my time.
Blog: Sharing my thoughts, to show things i can't film and talk about, trips and updates for my friends who live abroad.

Here you have my mail: misslisahuebner@gmail.com, just in case anyone needs to talk and i closed my tumblr anon ask box, cause i'm sick and tired of hate. If you need someone, i'm always here to listen. If you are bored and want to spread hate, just burn in hell, cause i'm really sorry that you feel so bad, that you want others to feel bad too.

I have a good feeling about blogging and making more youtube videos. Feel free to follow me everywhere, maybe we will become friends or maybe not. I have a lot of fun things coming up. If you have a nice receipt or a fun story to tell, just send it to me, cause i like to laugh and cook.

Thank you for reading my first post.

Lisa, xo

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